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Asian Art and Architecture – An open educational resource

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Asian Art and Architecture is an OER website created collaboratively by the students of Connecticut College in New London. Officially launched on December 21, 2021, it currently contains 345 posts authored by 59 students, including labels and descriptions of 272 individual images, 52 themed exhibitions, and 32 literature reviews. These cover a wide range of topics and geography, from ancient ceramics and bronzes in India, traditional Buddhist statuary in Pakistan, Nepal, and Tibet, to Chinese landscape paintings, 19th to 20th-century Japanese woodblock prints, and contemporary architecture, urban design, gardens, glassware, photography, and art installations in and beyond Asia. Highlighting the collections of Asian art and artifacts at Conn and the adjacent Lyman Allyn Art Museum, this site aims to engage the students in the process of knowledge production and nurture creativity, originality, and cultural and social conscience.

Material Type: Case Study, Diagram/Illustration, Primary Source, Reading

Author: Di Luo and Connecticut College students

Deconstructing Management Podcast

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Are you bored by textbooks? Are you overwhelmed trying to keep up with the reading in all your college classes? Deconstructing Management is a podcast created by college students for college students. We make learning management not suck. Each episode is produced by different teams of students and aligns with the OpenStax Principles of Management textbook. We believe it's a better way to learn management, but we might be biased ;-) Licensed under CC BY 4.0 - Access the textbook for free at

Material Type: Lecture, Primary Source

Author: Management Students of Nicole Colter

Business Communication Skills for Managers

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n Business Communication Skills for Managers, students learn how to communicate effectively in business, with an emphasis on the use of these skills managing teams and organizations. The course introduces important elements of successful communication, providing examples of effective communication and providing students opportunities to practice the same. The course covers the essentials of communication including professional writing, visual aids, presentations, speeches, phone and online communication, and both getting hired and finding new hires.

Material Type: Full Course

Author: Lumen Learning

Today’s Business Communication: A How-To Guide for the Modern Professional - Second Edition

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As we enter the third decade of the 21st Century, managerial communication remains the lifeblood of effective business practices. But being an effective business communicator is not easy. It requires a great deal of work and the appropriate guide. This book is a guide to becoming better at listening, writing, and speaking. Although there are many lessons to learn about effective business communication, we have compiled in this book a number of the most essential lessons, which are organized around key topic areas related to business communication. There is no perfect business communication, just as there is no perfect managerial communication professional. But we can certainly follow the guidelines and lessons in this book and listen to the experts who live and work using these skills every day to get as close as possible. We are a group of professionals who have experience in different fields and have also been teaching business/managerial communication for years. This book represents what we have learned and would like to share with you as you embark on your journey toward enhancing your business communication skills.

Material Type: Textbook

Authors: Kevin Corcoran, Jason Snyder

Stand up, Speak out: The Practice and Ethics of Public Speaking

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From audience analysis to giving a presentation, Stand up, Speak out: The Practice and Ethics of Public Speaking will guide students through the speech making process. The authors focus on the process of speech making because they have created this book to be a user-friendly guide to creating, researching, and presenting public speeches. While both classic and current academic research in public speaking guide this book, the authors believe that a new textbook in public speaking should first, and foremost, be a practical book that helps students prepare and deliver a variety of different types of speeches — and that is the primary goal of this book.With practicality in mind, the authors developed, Stand up, Speak out: The Practice and Ethics of Public Speaking, as a streamlined public speaking textbook. Many public speaking textbooks today contain over twenty different chapters, which is often impossible to cover in a ten-week quarter or a sixteen-week semester; this textbook is eighteen unique chapters. The fifteen chapters are divided into four clear units of information: introduction to public speaking, speech preparation, speech creation, and speech presentation.

Material Type: Textbook

Author: Jason Wrench, Anne Goding, Danette Johnson, Bernardo Attias

Public Relations v. 1.0

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Our purpose in this volume is to introduce you to the concepts of strategic public relations. Our basic assumption is that you have some general knowledge of management and business terminology; we will help you to apply that to the discipline of public relations. Our text is based in current research and scholarly knowledge of the public relations discipline as well as years of experience in professional public relations practice.

Material Type: Textbook

Data Science in a Box

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Data Science in a Box is a fully developed curriculum for an introductory data science course in the R programming language. The curriculum contains high-quality instructional videos, slides, and activities developed by leaders in the Data Science community. The curriculum incorporates readings from two OER texts: R for Data Science and Introduction to Modern Statistics. In addition to providing instructional resources for students, the curriculum also provides guidance for faculty on implementation, pacing, and assessment of student learning. The curriculum has excellent accessibility and adaptability. It is freely available via a GitHub repository which enables all materials (slides, assignments, assessments) to be downloaded and edited. The curriculum is well organized. The videos are well developed, contain accompanying slides, and present clear and engaging examples that foster understanding and fluency with R. The online texts are well written, well organized, modular, and contain useful examples and exercises for students. The texts complement the activities well and strengthen student understanding of data science and statistics in meaningful ways.

Material Type: Activity/Lab, Assessment, Data Set, Full Course, Homework/Assignment

Author: Mine Çetinkaya-Rundel.

Digital Electronics

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Welcome to Digital Electronics In this module, learners will be introduced to analog and digital signals and how they are represented and used in electronic circuits and devices. Module Goals Upon completion of this course the learner should be able to: • Demonstrate understanding of analog and digital signals and their representations. • Perform analytic expression and minimization of Boolean functions. • Design, build and test combinational and sequential circuits. • Demonstrate an understating of microprocessor and microcontroller based systems.

Material Type: Module

Author: Mercy Mbise

Adopting Openly Licensed DC and AC Circuit Lab Manuals

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The CT OER adoption grant is used to spend the time to revise existing instructions and update lab supplies based on the newly adopted open-source lab manuals. Circuit Analysis courses require laboratory work requiring lab manuals with instructions. There are two excellent lab manuals that are published under Creative Commons Licenses. The laboratory manuals are in PDF format. In my Fall 2021 courses, the manuals are embedded in Blackboard learning management system. Students can download or print if desired. For easy accessibility and sustainability of the OER materials, the lab manuals are listed at CCSU Bookstore Adoptions and Insight Portals (AIP). 

Material Type: Case Study

Author: Asheka Rahman

Lumen Waymaker Writing Skills Lab

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The Lumen Waymaker Writing Skills Lab contains eleven complete and customizable model units that integrate with the college LMS. Each unit includes text, videos, simulations, and other interactive activities to engage students with learning. Each unit in the platform also contains student self- checks and graded quizzes. Lumen makes their product easy and accessible for both students and instructors. When getting started with each unit, students will receive a personalized study plan. Students are able to test prior knowledge and then engage with in the program with the concepts that each student needs to work on the most. The students have access with enriched OER course materials within the platform. This product also provides students with immediate feedback and opportunities to continue to practice. The product also contains Offline Content Access where students can read each of the chapters offline, like a textbook. For instructors, this product contains many faculty resources such as PowerPoints and Question Banks. One helpful faculty resource in the platform is the ability to create emails that the students will receive when they are struggling to complete a unit. The emails appear to come from the instructor right when the student needs it most. Link to Waymaker: Link to Offline Resources:

Material Type: Activity/Lab

Authors: Lumen Learning, University Of Mississippi

Instructional Materials for Teaching College Success by OpenStax

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The following document has been created by the First Year Studies Department at Housatonic Community College. Many of the YouTube videos that are included have Standard YouTube licenses, which allows the sharing of links by educators; each has been attributed to their creator. The ancillary materials are organized by chapter and include discussion questions, journaling prompts, classroom activities, assessments, projects, and rubrics. This collection is CC-by 4.0; faculty may revise, remix, reuse, retain, and redistribute as needed, if the work is attributed appropriately. Some assignments or activities correspond directly to page numbers in the College Success text and others refer to the chapter in its entirety. Faculty will want to adjust some assignments to reflect software purchased by their respective colleges that perform the same functions as software used by Housatonic Community College. Housatonic Community College is not receiving money to promote the software that are within the document. The names of the software are in the document to provide other faculty context for the activity, assignments, or projects.

Material Type: Activity/Lab, Assessment, Homework/Assignment, Teaching/Learning Strategy

Author: Jennifer Nohai-Seaman

College Success

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OpenStax College Success is a comprehensive and contemporary resource that serves First Year Experience, Student Success, and College Transition courses. Developed with the support of hundreds of faculty and coordinators, the book addresses the evolving challenges and opportunities of today’s diverse students. Engagement, self-analysis, personal responsibility, and student support are reflected throughout the material. College Success also includes an array of student surveys and opinion polls, and OpenStax will regularly provide the results to adopting faculty. Based on OpenStax’s open (CC-BY) license and its wide array of formats, faculty may remix and reuse these elements according to their approach. OpenStax textbooks are always free online, as a PDF, and through our mobile app, OpenStax + SE. Robust instructor ancillaries will include lecture slides, an instructor resource manual, a test bank, and other resources.

Material Type: Textbook

Author: Amy Baldwin